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Electrician Plymouth

When hiring an electrician you should always check to ensure you are dealing with a true professional who has the knowledge and skills to complete work safely and to the highest standards. Philpott Services is an ELECSA approved contractor who consistently delivers a great service. We are a versatile company capable of handling all scale jobs on any type of property.

Our electricians have proven track records and are fully qualified to work on your property. We complete all kinds of work including installing, testing and repairing all types of electrical devices, design and installation of electronic systems, rewiring and a bespoke contracting service for kitchens and bathrooms that handles every aspect of the installation even down to decoration and finishing.

Philpott Services guarantee the quality of our work and proudly offer 6 year warranties on all jobs. You can trust us to provide the perfect services and full technical support at all times, including emergency response services if you experience any difficulties. An electrician with professional skills and experience will handle your job using the latest, most effective equipment.

Philpott Services is the leading specialist electrician in Plymouth with a long history and record of fantastic customer service. We handle every customer query personally, offering cost estimates that show the exact composition of our pricing. We try to work with you regarding your budget but believe you should never compromise on quality, especially with electrical work that can put your safety and the wellbeing of all inhabitants of the property at risk.

You can obtain a free, no obligation quote by calling us at 0800 29 22 012 or email info@philpottservices.co.uk with details of your needs. We are happy to offer a free consultation and advice if you have any questions about any of our services.

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